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Overview Maxell is the first company in Japan to successfully market button-type silver oxide batteries. Based on many years of experience and know-how in various fields, the SR battery is suitable for precision electronic devices such as quartz watches, where high-energy density per unit volume and a stable operating voltage are required. Various product lineups are available to meet the growing need for supplying power to various types of watches, ranging from large to compact, thin models.

The new SR Mercury Free battery are in brand new packing, which is matched with Maxell new image.

The normal type SR (with mercury component) was discontinued Production in the end of Dec, 2017.


Flat discharge characteristics A flat discharge curve during discharge supplies a stable voltage until the end of the discharge life. High-energy density High-energy density per unit volume provides approx. twice as the amount of energy capacity as button-type alkaline batteries.

Excellent discharge load characteristics Employing an alkaline electrolyte, the SR battery features excellent discharge load characteristics. Depending on the composition of the electrolytes, two models are available;

(1) a low-drain type for analog watches, and

(2) a high-drain type for multi-function watches incorporating an alarm, illumination light, etc. Superior leakage* resistance Featuring Maxell's original leak-resistant processing, the SR battery has excellent leakage resistance, which suppresses the electrolyte from rising up and seeping out — a basic phenomenon of alkaline electrolytes. *Leakage is defined as an unintended escape of liquid from a battery.

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