Philips Ultinon LED T10 W5W 12V 6000K Cool White Car Turn Signal Interior Light
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Brand Philips
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Bright signals. Stylish driving - Durable LED quality
Upgrade your lights, upgrade your style
- While the main goal of exterior lighting is to help you see and be seen, theres no reason why you shouldnt look good at the same time. If youre looking to upgrade your style, without buying a newer car, replacing your exterior lighting with LEDs is a smart way to spend your money. Upgrade your exterior lighting with a more intense red for stop lights, a vibrant amber for turning signals and bright white light for positioning and reversing. Your car is an expression of who you are, so make a style statement with Philips exterior signaling LED lights.

Brighter signals for improved safety
- Signaling the intended movement of your vehicle is vital to your safety. To avoid collisions, other people need to know what youre doing. Bright signaling light ensures you are seen for improved safety. Whether its reversing, positioning or stopping, Philips Vision LED signaling lights provide you with the performance you need, giving other drivers vital extra time to react to your movements.

Good light distribution for enhanced visibility
- Philips LED exterior lighting range is designed for a smarter light distribution to ensure that exterior signaling light is projected where you need it (whether thats reversing, stopping, or signaling). With wide angle and good light diffusion, not only can you can see more of the road, other drivers can see more of you.

Instantly on lights make rapid braking safer
- Incandescent lamps take time to light up and reach peak performance. LED lights, on the other hand, are instantly on. The difference is measured in fractions of a second. Under hard braking, fractions of a second matter. For example, at 100 km/h, just four tenths of a second difference in reaction time equates to an extra 11 meters of reaction distance thats about 2.5 car lengths of extra thinking time. With Philips LED stop lights, as soon as you decide to brake, the driver behind will know.

Philips automotive lighting at the highest quality level
Easy installation and compatible with many car models

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