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    8-97173-951-0 Isuzu NPR NQR NHR NPR-HD NRR REACH Hicom 2.8 Starter Relay
    • OEM Quality
    • Fits Major Isuzu Model
    • 12V 80A
    Stock available
    Epina Denki Starter Relay EN914012 SS75 12V For Truck Lorry
    • Epina Thailand
    • 12V Relay
    • OEM Quality
    Stock available
    Hicom 2.8 Isuzu NHR Glow Plug Blower Motor Relay 8-94248-1610
    • Relays carry high-amperage current controlled by a low-current switch
    • When a faulty relay is not replaced, the circuit will either be non-functional or remain engaged
    • Designed to meet or exceed OE specifications in form, fit and function
    • Isuzu MD/HD truck applications
    MYR 45.00
    Genuine Epina Denki Starter Relay 24V
    Stock available
    SS112 ORIGINAL Epina Starter Relay 12V 24V
    • Original Epina
    • Made in Thailand
    • 12V and 24V Available
    From MYR 35.00
    SS20 GENUINE Epina Thailand Starter Relay 12V 24V
    • Genuine Epina
    • OEM Quality
    • SS20 comes with 12V and 24V
    From MYR 45.00
    SS709 New Era Japan Starter Solenoid Relay SS-709
    • 100% Genuine New-Era
    • Made in Japan
    • High Quality
    Stock available
    ST701 Starter Relay Lucas Type
    Stock available
    OEM Type Lorry Truck Starter Solenoid Relay Modify
    • OEM Quality
    • Starter Relay
    • Made in Taiwan
    MYR 50.00

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